If I told you there was a game on android with only 2 tap buttons would you believe it? Incredulous? When I started playing Tunnel Rush I certainly didn’t expect this either. From the start I was wondering if such a simple setup could be any good with so many incredibly advanced game options out there. I was hesitant and I felt a sense of reluctance when I started playing Tunnel Rush.

But TR grows on you if you are willing to get used to it. Tunnel Rush was developed by Deer Cat Studios, a relatively unknown gaming company. Now Tunnel Rush is an extremely simplistic game which makes it difficult to review, but I have tried anyway. TR is played from a first person camera-angle even though it is not clear what you control.

In TR you travel speedily in some sort of tunnel and a winding space pipe (or a space branch? Road? It hasn’t been defined where you are), avoiding obstacles along the way. These obstacles can be opening and closing doors, boxes, rotating walls, or shards sticking out of the ground, depending on the level.

There are a hundred levels in this game. The level design is great and each round you look at has a refreshingly different aesthetic, which means you won’t be looking at the same colour combinations forever. But there are only two tap buttons. These are the left and right button.

This certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Especially young gamers have seen this game as restricting, limited and therefore boring. Even though there was a time in gaming (the 90’s) when such games would be the best ones available, there has to be more content for the modern gamer to enjoy.

There are two tools that enhance the experience. The first one is a numbered distance gauge which tells you how far you have traveled in meters. There is also a progress bar that tells you how far you have travelled in that particular round. The second one is specifically useful.

Tunnel Rush has techno club music which all players certainly won’t like but it sets a joyful mood in TR. But at the same time I noted a glaring problem concerning the music, though not solely that. If you have played the game Colour Tunnel, you would notice the music is exactly the same. And the overall gameplay too.

Tunnel Rush came in January 2018 and though I could not find Colour Tunnel’s original release date, I noticed people were playing it in 2017, making it an older game. This means that it is Deer Cat’s Tunnel Rush that copied them.

There are colossal similarities between these two games. Both games have a first-person camera (where you do not see what you are driving) and feature tunnels and space branches/pipes. The key area that’s different in each game is the inner colour of the tunnels and obstacles, or, if it is a level with a pipe, the colour of that pipe.

Now Tunnel Rush isn’t a horrendously bad copy by any means and they have improved the game in certain fields. They introduced a number of features. For one, you can choose the level you want to play in, from those you have unlocked. There are a hundred levels and a completionist will try to complete them all. There is also a difficulty setting where you can choose to complete a level on easy, normal or hard difficulty. The graphics too are prettier than Colour Tunnel.

There is another weakness with TR. They have copied the basic aspects of Colour Tunnel but not the joyfulness. The lighting, or rather the darkness contradicts the jolly mood set by the music. At least the obstacles are colourful though and as stated earlier you aren’t playing with the same visuals. The competitor, Colour Tunnel also had an annoying obsession with ads, which would play after each time you crashed.

All in all, despite being a better game than its competitor, I personally felt Tunnel Rush is definitely not for people who do not enjoy these types of games, and it could unquestionably have more content for them. Perhaps there could be coins to collect to increase your overall score. Perhaps those coins could be used to unlock specific powers or unlock the ability to start at exactly the same spot where you crashed previously. But I acknowledge some people really dig these type of simple games without a strand of worry for upgrades and un-lockable items.

How much you enjoy this game depends on you and your preferences while playing android games. A lot of young players will feel this game is extremely simple and at times even boring. Others will say it is an easy 9. TR is very subjective that way. But I felt the game was, for the most part, non-ingenious, being a copy, had contradictions between the mood of the music and the lighting and unfit for the modern gamer.

Review Platform: Android

Rating: 6.5


  • Game grows on you. You start enjoying after expending some time.
  • Good and differentiated levels with differing aesthetics. You aren’t looking at the same colours constantly.
  • Has a progress meter that tells you how far you have travelled in the level.
  • Has some limited options pertaining to how you want to play. Has difficulty settings and you can select a round of your own choice from the ones you have unlocked.


  • Overly simplistic. Has only 2 tap buttons.
  • No coins or collectibles to pick up.
  • TR copies the game style (running through tunnels in first person) from Colour Tunnel. It even has the exact same music.
  • The techno music and gloomy darkness contrast against each other’s mood.
  • Needs more content for the modern and young gamer.

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