Dhoom 3 Game A biker's heist.

Dhoom 3 is developed by 99 games. A short way to describe it is as a coin collector with a motorcycle. The game is actually only available to gamers living in India and annoyingly, requires the gamer to give his mobile number which can only be from India. Nowhere does the play store page tell us that, exuberating a feeling of being cheated or annoyance for the international gamer. You can practice, without these conditions, if you want though, and the map and collectibles are the same in practice mode.

First of all the music is really good, but the music comes from a movie which shares this games name and gives the impression that this game is a cheap copy of the said movie. The movie is about a bunch of light-fingered bikers who try to avoid the police after making heists.

In the game you avoid police and Swat vans, as well as other traffic in an environment full of skyscrapers, New York taxis and modern police cars. It clearly isn’t India, though they mention it is Chicago, the same location where the movie is set. But the game provides nothing for the Indian gamer. In fact it offers nothing new to the international gamer either.

From the start it has no storyline to go with it as in the movie and all you do is collect coins and avoid collisions while on a bike. Though there are power ups like speedup and magnets to spice up things up. Still in gameplay it simply seems to be inspired by Temple Run yet does not have the extra depth. It lacks the reward system, the collectibles and the obstacles in Temple Run though you are being chased by the police instead of monkey demons.

Being a copy of Temple Run is not really a problem because there are dozens of games that have copied Temple Run’s style and have been successful. The game clearly still has its fans and collecting coins while running from the cops on a motorcycle, as an idea, does have its appeal.

For such a simple setup you would expect Dhoom 3 to work well on your phone. However it does not. The game cannot be played offline and as mentioned before, your Indian cell phone number is required to play. The game has little juice, meaning your battery will run out quite fast while you play.

Yet for a game built on an Indian movie it offers nothing to Indians. It is hardly a revolution in Indian gaming considering the fact that most Indians have a phone with low battery life and don’t have constant WIFI access. This makes it inaccessible to the average Indian so it is nowhere near the innovation in Indian gaming this title could have been. The graphics are up to snuff by Indian and even International standards, but nothing overtly remarkable in the modern world of Android technology.

The motorbikes look pretty, speedy and advanced. Unfortunately the only time you see them properly is when you crash. When you crash, the game enters a Mass Effect type, slow motion and you watch as you fall from the bike, and well die. This change in camera angle gives us a better view of the bike if you aren’t concentrating on the man who has just fallen off it. You can do nothing else with this bike but race. There are no customization options and you can’t even change the bikes color.

Clearly a little bit of depth could have made the game better. 99 Games could have added extra levels and environments. It could have shown the impressive skyline of cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Perhaps you could unlock more motorcycles as you advanced, based on real models (most likely Indian ones like Bajaj/Maruti etc). Possibly a more engaging leveling up system could reward the player for spending hours on the game. All this could have improved the game.

But the developers should be given credit. They probably had limited resources and made the most out of it like most Desi gaming companies. Indian fans of the game have also done the game a great service by standing behind the developers. That being said the game is a good effort.

But in gameplay, Dhoom III copies from more successful coin collecting games while it is also based on a hit movie in an attempt to succeed. However it does not have any distinctive features and there is nothing to set it apart from other similar games.

We know that good games in the Desi world (Indian sub-continent) are hard to come by. Most developers that do exist, focus on mobile or android games, yet they do not know much about the market or what will make their game succeed. Considering Indian standards this game is intriguing and by way of being one of the few available, good. Yet when looking to International standards this game does not and cannot compete with coin collectors like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Lara Croft: Relic Run, let alone develop a niche market for itself.

The game has been downloaded millions of times in India but this isn’t because of any ingenuity on part of the developers. It’s because of the Dhoom 3 name which it has piggybacked behind. Dhoom 3’s success as an Indian movie is what gave this game its fame. Amir khan and Katrina Kaif (Indian actors) personally endorsed the game and are seen playing it at a launch ceremony.

Review Platform: Android



  • Has a theme based on a hit Indian movie.
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Requires your cell-number to play
  • Requires you to be based in India to play.
  • No sense of progression
  • Does not introduce anything Indian for a game that appeals to only Indians
  • Lacks the polish of other coin collector games.
  • No reward system except the ability to compare your scores.

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  • editor
    Posted June 12, 2019 9:38 am 0Likes

    So to add a few other limitations in this game:
    1) The helicopter is there and fires but seems to do nothing. I have never in my many playthrough’s witnessed it hit anything.
    2) The ramp shown on the promo does not exist in the game at all.
    3) If you notice when the bike crashes the guy on it does fall off and dies, but the bike stays at the exact same spot. I would love to have such an invincible bike that can never get damaged.

    The game could take cues from other top racing games. The game lacks content is vivid. Racing and comparing scores is not enough to make a game good. I think I have been extremely generous when rating this game.

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