Cat vs Mouse Simulator 3D & Crazy Cat vs Mouse 3D Game comparison and review

Lil Bub is a cat born on 21 June 2011. What’s so special about her? Well she is an internet sensation. Her channel has 254,000+ subscribers and her videos have been watched by millions of people.

So to celebrate her birthday we have something special in store. Now those who know me also know that I have a great love for animals, especially cats, dogs and horses. So when I noticed that Lil Bub’s birthday was around the corner, I decided to review and compare two different cat and mouse games for mobile.

This is more about how a cat and mouse game should be, rather than only being a review or comparison.

The first game, Cat vs Mouse simulator 3D is a game developed by the Pakistani company known as Bleeding Edge studios which operates from both Dubai (UAE) and Lahore (Pakistan). In this comparison and review we check out if it is any good and compare it to our second game.

This second game is Crazy Cat vs Mouse 3D. It was developed by Tap2Play. This studio is from New York and it has a comparatively better game overall in every department.

We know both games titles are similarly named making this a confusing review, but at this stage we don’t know who copied who, but I am guessing that it was Bleeding Edge. The assumed suspect is a Pakistani developer because we are the ones who usually do this kind of shady stuff.

I am not accusing, just making the rather true assertion that we do a lot of copying. And this doesn’t just include games, but Levi’s jeans, Starbucks coffee, and of course movies. Both Lollywood and Bollywood copy from each other and at times from Hollywood. At least the Indians produce good films though.

But even if you copy something, at least you aim to make a good copy and possibly add new features that improve the game. Stardew valley did this with amazing results. It revamped the entire Harvest Moon series and it was done by just one person.

Behind Bleeding Edge there was an entire team and it is one of the best game developers in Pakistan. And they made this joke of a game? And for a moment let’s assume they did not copy, but why aim for a game that is mediocre?

Cat vs Mouse simulator 3D (Pakistani one) is pretty hard to review because it’s a very simple game. All you do is control a cat and catch mice, stopping them from eating your food. There you go, two lines are enough to review this game. You can see why this two-game comparison will be brief rather than the average lengthy single-game reviews I am used to writing.

At least you avoid furniture along the way (which looks as big as it feels to a cat) but is it enough to save this title from mediocrity, or worse?

Crazy Cat vs Mouse 3D  is relatively better, not great but better and has more options than the disaster our Nation’s “top” game producer has made. It has a Tom and Jerry type soundtrack to go with it and you can choose your cat at the start.

But Bleeding Edge’s Cat vs Mouse simulator 3D is a complete disaster and totally lacking in content. At least it has a soundtrack on the title page and within the game that goes with the theme. But the rats or mice don’t even try to run away from your cat. All you do is take a look at the minimap to know where the mice are, then race around a room with your cat and catch them. Then there is furniture which blocks your sight of not only the mice, but the cat as well. These camera angles which block your view are very annoying.

There are ten levels in this game which take barely five minutes to complete and after you finish them the game is useless. It has no replayability value anymore. Other problems include the animations. When catching a mouse the cat strikes it with its paw and an animation shows the mouse turning on its back and dying. This is an awful animation because the mouse falls on its back even before the cat’s paw has been moved, and this paw does not even touch the mouse.

And then the cat screeches as if it is in terrible pain. Why would the cat screech like that when catching a mouse? It would definitely shriek when attacked by a brawny rival cat which guards her food, or a vicious dog that guards the mice (which the game does not have.)

There is no storyline either, no different cat breeds to choose from, no ability to change your cats coat, color or fur design, no unlock-able content, no ability to custom design your cat, no rewards for completion, no traps to avoid and only one room or level to play in, which always looks the same. Why make such a game?

Now Tap2play’s Crazy Cat vs Mouse 3D does not have all of these either and isn’t perfect. But at least it can be called a proper game. Or an average game rather than a complete mess. Among the above mentioned, it has five different cats to choose from ( Of these there are 3 cats that can be unlocked and the unlock options include a real breed, fake robot one and a painted cat), traps (They only slow your cat down and there is no health gauge) and two different levels with 9 missions on each.

It also has different objectives for each round. For example in the first you have to kill any rats, the second catch them and feed them to your kittens and the third one you hunt only white rats. It also has better graphics and animations when you catch the rat, including a cute cat celebration when you win the round.

Tap2play’s game is more interesting because the cat can run into traps and the mice can not only run into holes but try to avoid your cat. This improves the game a bit. The difficulty increases with each round and offers at least a bit of challenge. It also has a good title screen and a Tom and Jerry soundtrack to go with it. Though five game-defined cat breeds to choose from is not enough, at least the option to change cat breed is there.

As you can note from this, Tap2play’s game is lacking in content itself too but a man standing in front of a mouse looks big and one standing in front of an elephant looks small. On account of (a game standing behind Bleeding Edge’s terrible game) being a game that stands in front of a mouse it looks better but even it can’t compete with modern  games which have far more content than this.

And so Lil Bub’s birthday is being celebrated with two scrawny cat-featuring gaming titles. Bleeding Edge’s game is an all-round failure in every field. Tap2Play’s Crazy Cat vs Mouse 3D can be enjoyed, particularly each of its rounds where mice actually try to avoid you, but once you complete the nine rounds on each of the two levels there will be nothing left to do.

Still all cat lovers can celebrate by downloading and showing this game to your cat to see the priceless way he or she will react. Your cat might be fascinated with the mice on-screen and may try to catch them, possibly in a much better way than in these two games. And Happy Birthday Lil Bub!

Review Platform: Android


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