About Us

About Us

At ataaga.com a passion for gaming meets quality writing. Three qualities define our site. We are engaging, meaning we talk to our fellow gaming community. We promote video game content from the Desi and the developing world. And finally provide learning from gaming.

We also work on worldwide titles and do reviews, content guides, tutorials and news features for other games but we give Desi and cultural gaming a lot of attention (Though not that solely.) and often write about these games.

The learning Ataaga provides in gaming is mostly historical. If you have played Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis you have surely wondered about the exploits of the three-hundred plus characters as well as what the hundreds of nations achieved in real life. This is where Ataaga comes in. We explore the historical aspect of these (and other) games and there is a lot of learning available in such titles. Thus we are doing our part in enhancing both knowledge and responsible gaming.

Ataaga wants the site to be as engaging as possible. We value your opinion and unlike other larger sites, you will see us engaging with guests as much as possible, because, we acknowledge that you make the site great. Also please share the site with family and friends.

We are a kid friendly site. So please don’t swear or post other material not fit for children.

For business inquiries, please contact at gaming@ataaga.com

If you want us to review any game or take our opinion on the gaming industry, trends, write to us:


Happy Gaming.

Site Features

Hottest games: At the end of every month we release a list of 5-10 games released in the previous month. We add a small synopsis that explains the games premise, names its developer, reveal its release date and finally add the platform/platforms the game was launched on. This can help you make informed decisions when buying new games. These aren’t reviews though. Just basic information about the best latest games you can buy.

News: This is a part of the site that isn’t produced by us or our editors. It comes from third party sites whose link and author name we provide.

Desi and Cultural Gaming: Every month or so we post reviews, articles and other information about games that have been produced by Desi, African, developing or third world gaming companies. We also add games in a Desi, African or developing world setting even if they are designed by companies not from the region. Although we admire the effort of rising stars from these communities we have to follow international standards when rating them. It is our own unique way of asking these developers to aim high.

Reviews: Here we review International titles we have played. Reviews may contain spoilers. You will notice we have a unique, Desi perspective to gaming which make our reviews exotic.

Writer Profile

Ata Alavi has survived a cataclysmic Reaper invasion (Think: Mass Effect), sieges by blood-thirsty Mongols and rampaging Huns (Think: Total War), and, assassination attempts by his non-existent brother (Think: Crusader Kings). He has also survived attacks from virus-spreading zombies (Think: Dying Light), and crashed sleek-looking cars several times (Think: Need for speed).

He wants to start discussions with his fellow victims (Think: gamers) who have also suffered such unimaginable crisis to spread these experiences across the world; take learning from them (for example: how many zombie attacks can one survive without becoming one himself) and spread these (gaming) experiences to the Desi and developing world.

He lives in a Dubai not yet wrecked by sandstorms (Think: Spec Ops: The Line) and enjoys gaming and game-writing equally, with a passion.